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As of  10.02.2017   10:00 UTC


I will return every card!






























































































Cards printed by UX5UO, tnx Gennady:













































After moving from Tashkent/Uzbekistan to Astana/Kasakhstan end of September 2010 I was busy for several month, in the job as well as at home. All cards I received until July 2010 I answered still from Uzbekistan. Those I received later had to wait several month, but if a qsl is needed in short time you should send it shortly after the contact. Sending it eight month or even 4 years after the qso but then demanding a sudden response is a little bit strange for me. Please keep in mind that until 2016 I was still not retired and sometimes I had to work for my qrl.


Then from Tashkent and Astana I was limited to a maximum of 5 normal letters a week through the german postal service. That means, if I have to send 3 privat letters I only can send 2 more qsl letters. And in the stack of waiting qsl letters those have been first who sent the porto-costs. Other qsl also were answered but had to line up in the queue. 


Before going back to Germany I answered all qsl I got. Those I received later still had to wait, but end of 2016 I was on track again. Sorry, but had health problems and have been busy with job as well as with family and my move to Bavaria (South part of Germany).


Actual status: All QSL are answered.



Now my final destination for retirement:

























You can either send your qsl via homecall to the german qsl service (DARC-QSL-Bureau, P.O. Box 1155, 34216 Baunatal, GERMANY) or direct.



My new adress, back in Germany is:

Hans-Walter Orths
Julienstr. 17
91735 Muhr am See



If you want your qsl direct please send your card with a SAE and with 1$.

(Porto costs for letters in Germany are 80 Ct, international 1,10 €.)

(Deutsche Amateure bitte bevorzugt SASE mit 80 Ct Marke schicken!) 
















as of January 25th 2022:



worked:     546

confirmed: 506   (please anwere my qsl, eQSL or LOTW are welcome)



worked:      83

confirmed:  82