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Welcome to my side!

My name is Hans-Walter or just Hans.

Since 1983 I have a radio licence and I am especially activ on 2m and also on 70cm.

In Germany (DL) I was active from different locations.


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From September 2007 to September 2010 I had the opportunity to work and live in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan (UK) and was happy to work with the callsign UK/DL9LBH. Using the moon for EME contacts I could give a lot of stations their first UK and also made some ever first contacts from UK to another country on 2m and 70cm eme.


Since September 2010 I was living in Astana, the capital of Kasakhstan (UN) and 7 Dezember I got my callsign UN/DL9LBH.

Because winter already started I had to wait until May to bring up my antennas, 21nd May 2011 I got ready and antennas are up!



A gift from my yl Christa (DL7IHD):





9th March 2012:

No moon, so I listened on the shortwave bands (FD4 windom antenna and GP), where I am very rare I have to admit.
Then on 21.076 MHz I heard a sound which was very familar to me, JT65A!

I never tried it before, but thanks to the good advices of DL5SWB at his homepage

I immedeately had my ever 1st qso with JT65A with VK8XZ on 15m and there and at 20m my log got filled very quick and I enjoyed it. So when I finally get my Flexradio you might find me also more often on sw in digital mode if I have no moon.


19th March 2012 finally my Flex-5000A arrived in Astana.


21st March I was operational on shortwave, after reading some of the 200 pages of the manual and some internet help advices.


22nd March after working on it the whole day (a day off because of Navrus) I am finally also qrv on 2m and 70cm. The Flex-5000A I got directly from the company has a built in 2m and 70cm Transverter (FLEX-VU5K), so I have all in one without external transverters. First trial looks promising  :-)



4th July 2012 I was informed that I might have to go back to DL earlier instead of late 2013. If the final decision is made I will have to get down my antennas very quickly and if the decision is still pending, I have to do it in early October, because from end of october to mid of April weather does not allow such work. So If you dont have worked me already, try to work me soon please and have some patience, sometime in the up and down of qsb we may need some time.


Back in Germany from January 2013 until end of June 2015 I lived near Cologne (Köln), had only a small VHF-antenna and was not activ on the bands.


End of June 2015 I moved to my final destination for my retirement in "Muhr am See", 40 km southwest of Nürnberg in the lovely area of Middle Frankonia (Mittelfranken).


2016-07-28 First antennas up at new qth.


1st June 2016 I am retired! Time for hobby, so I immediately started my tower project.










as of January 25th 2022:



worked:     546

confirmed: 506   (please anwere my qsl, eQSL or LOTW are welcome)



worked:      83

confirmed:  82