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2015 - the end, hopefully in a future far away   


QTH: Julienstr. 17, 91735 Muhr am See

Locator: JN59ID

DOK: B02






























In "Muhr am See" in JN59ID 420m above sea level, I found my final destination for my retirement. After moving there I started in early summer 2016 to build up my first antennas.

1st June 2016 I am retired! Time for hobby, so I immediately started to prepare a application to build up a tower. When I get the allowence by german bureaucracy the plan is to build up a 17m Versatower for my 2m/70cm/23cm antennas, probably in summer 2017.

28th July 2016 first qso from Muhr ! Time without HF has ended. Only a FD4 windom antenne, ends still on the ground, but a start has been made!

14th September 2016 a Big Wheel antenna for 2m, a omnidirectional antenne with horizontal polarization, 7m above ground. So at least I can start a little bit with activities at my favorite band. Already worked two stations over a distance of more than 400 km. Not bad for a Big Wheel. But my attempt to put the antenna on the roof failed. After standing one meter on the roof, I decided that I am too old to climb on a roof with 45 degree angle.  :-(

30th October 2016 FD4 is down and I pulled up a loop antenna with 87m wire at 4 pools around the house. This loop antenna is working very well :-)

4th November 2016 I got my Big Wheel for 2m on the roof, so now it is 10m above ground and worked well in the VHF Marconi-Contest.



Still only having my Big Wheel antenna for 2m but with growing dx virus at Dec 14th 2016 I tried MS. Received a cq of LZ2FO/2, answered and finally achieved a qso ! KN14KA - 1089km with my Big Wheel only!



So after this success my dx virus grew even faster and I tried what else is possible. Of course I as well as the other stations needed a lot of patience but so I had some more ms qso:
21.12.2016 G4CDN   JO02SS    759km
01.01.2017 GW4BVE IO82KQ  1047km
03.01.2017 LY2WR   KO24FO  1119km
05.01.2017 YU1EV    KN04CN    885km
08.03.2017 LZ2FO    KN13KX  1091km
Not bad for a single Big Wheel antenna isnt it :-)
3rd March 2017 I got the official building permission for my BP60SX Versatower. Planning for building the basement in May and first antennas up in autumn.
And Big Wheel is also working in sporadic E conditions:
RO3X        KO73FU   1888km
UA3XAC    KO85HC   2030km
UA3PTW   KO93BS   2129km    (Nice contact Dmitrij after eme qso from UK and UN, now tnx for new square from my homeland  ;-)
ES6DO     KO27WX   1397km
RM1A       KO59BU    1717km
LZ1AG     KN22ID      1335km
TA1D/3   KM39BP     1612km
29th July 2017 my dream came true, a 17m Versatower BP60 with antenna groups! (see page mastproject).
Now I am back again in VHF/UHF!
9th March 2018: Spring time is antenna time and my single 23cm yagi felt so lonely, not longer, now I have 4x48el for 23cm, only wish there would be more activity.
24th December 2018: a storm destroyed my tower with all antennas, see page mastproject, so at the moment I am only qrv on 2m with my Big Wheel antenna and 500W or at shortwave with my loop.
May 04th 2019 finally, just in time for VHF/UHF/SHF Kontest (about) all was ready and I was qrv again on 2/70/23 - jipppeeeehhh ! 

Actual RIG: (as of 2022/01/22)



Transistor PA (DJ8YP) with abt 400W

85m wire as loop antenna 8m high



a) First line

Elecraft K3S + ME28-X XTAL Filter + ME2HT-Pro Transverter

PA BEKO HLV-1400 (750W)

       3x11el FlexaYagi FX224 (2,4 WL) horizontal switchable to 1x11el vertical at Versatower VT1700 14m above ground

preamp HPP-144 from BEKO


b) Second line

TS-2000X + PA 1452G by TE-Systems (300W)

Big Wheel

preamp MV144S01 from SSB Electronic




Elecraft K3S + ME28-X XTAL Filter + Kuhne Transverter TR432H

PA BEKO HLV-1470 (750W)

4x23el Flexa-Yagi FX7073 (7,3 WL) switchable to 1x23el vertical at Versatower VT1700 14m above ground

preamp HPP-432 from BEKO



Elecraft K3S + ME28-X XTAL Filter + Kuhne Transverter TR1296H-28

PA TLA 1270-100B (90w) from SSB Electronic

1x48el Flexa-Yagi FX2317 (17,2 WL) at Versatower VT1700 14m above ground




Worked from this qth: (as of 2022/01/24)

2m:        74 countries    422 squares


70cm:     32 countries     124 squares


23cm:     11 countries      37 squares







as of January 25th 2022:



worked:     546

confirmed: 506   (please anwere my qsl, eQSL or LOTW are welcome)



worked:      83

confirmed:  82